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The importance of art at Nardini Convent School

by Tamara-Leigh Jacobs

As an artist in my personal capacity, I have learnt how important art is to my own life.

Art is a universal language. We live in a visual society and a lot of information is given to us visually. Therefore, I feel it is fundamental in the lives of our developing children.
At Nardini Convent School, I have the privilege of teaching young children how to express themselves and how to be creative. Art helps children develop fine motor skills, it teaches children ‘cause and effect’ and it helps them develop problem-solving skills.
Nardini Convent’s art students compete annually in two art competitions, namely the Santam Child Art Competition and the Newcastle Art Eisteddfod. In 2017, two of our children’s artworks were featured on the Santam website and they received medals. This was a first for our wonderful school and we are so proud of all our students. Over the years our children have also received gold and silver medals in the Newcastle Art Eisteddfod.
Making art promotes children’s’ self-esteem and also provides a safe environment for children who need to express their feelings. Being a Christian school, we strive to teach children the beauty of life for which we owe the credit to the master artist Himself, God.

Tamara-Leigh Jacobs teaches art at Nardini Convent School.

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