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The Showers Christian Primary School joins ISASA

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I was born in the rural area of Schaffhauzen farm in Mtlala, 180 km west of Polokwane in Limpopo province.

My family was Christian-based, educated and strict. Our home was used as a church during the weekend and my father was a principal at a local school. These things encouraged us to read books, and this was how we occupied our time. The fact that my father was a principal also opened my eyes to another possibility – working with people. Social work was my dream profession, because of the number of children around that needed assistance. I then changed my mind and dreamed of becoming a teacher. In my mind’s eye, I dreamed of a big house with many people around.

A trickle turns to a shower

In 1999, at the end of my 33 years of teaching, I opened a crèche for my daughter to run. She had graduated from university but could not find a job. This was a developing passion for me, as I took over the running of the crèche when my daughter moved on to get married. After operating the crèche for years, there was a demand from the parents to extend our educational offering to older students. This was how The Showers Christian Primary School started in 2013. I was allocated land by Chief Moletji, who is a great backer of my vision, and I followed the steps to register a school. We started the school with a single Wendy house, eight learners and one teacher, Thanea Mabotja, who was also our cook and cleaner. We had to find a loan to build our first block of classrooms. That was when I experienced God’s helping hand, when I encountered people who really wanted to share my vision. The school was finally registered in 2016, after enduring a rigorous process administered by the government. The school is situated 25 km west of Polokwane in an area of mushrooming villages. The community is supportive of the school development and its impact on the community. We are an inclusive school, and we even accommodate some foreign learners.

Carrying on, despite the challenges

We want our school to be part of an agricultural hub, but we face a big water challenge. Although we have drilled boreholes more than 75 metres deep, we still cannot get enough water. This means we have to use pit toilets. There is also no electricity at the school. Our board and parent/teacher association tirelessly push for that. Due to our rural location, many parents struggle to find employment and for them, payment of our R500 per month fee per student is a battle. Employing qualified teachers is also a challenge, as we fail to meet their salary demands, but we do hire one qualified teacher per stream. There are always more children to educate, and we are looking for funds to build another four classroom blocks. In the future, we would like to accommodate children from preschool to Grade 12. We would like to be an agricultural school and to build a big school playground.

ISASA an invaluable partner

When we met Lyn Nelson, who was then the ISASA Limpopo regional director, we became hooked on the ISASA vision, which was in line with our own vision. So far, the information and assistance we have received since joining ISASA has been just what we yearned for, especially when it comes to relationships with the board and parent/teacher association. We feel ISASA will help us to realise our dream as a school and impact our community at large. Our name means that we are showered with many blessings to help us on our journey. 

Mamosenya Daphney Marapyana is the founder of The Showers Christian Primary School. new member The Showers Christian Primary School families regularly gather together for fun and relaxation




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