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The smallest, most diverse school in the USA?

| September 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

For many, the one-room schoolhouse has receded into the realm of American myth, like the Old West. But 870 of them still remain across the nation. One of them is the 104-year-old McCormick School in Montana, a short distance from the Canadian border. The state’s governor, Steve Bullock, says it’s both a national treasure and a unique example of modern diverse schooling. He was speaking at the school’s graduation ceremony.

Bullock was not only surprised to discover an actual oneroom little red schoolhouse, but also to learn that the five graduating students would also be delivering speeches. One of them, Salvador Rodriguez, told the tiny audience in Spanish about his youth in Panama. Denzel Tucker, 14, was born in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Other students at the school hail from as far away as Guatemala.

Parent Dawn Tucker, a Canadian resident, drives her children to the Montana border every day so that they can catch the bus to McCormick. “You get all the benefits of a private school in a public school,” she says. “The kids do really well here – they’re never left behind, and they’re not pushed to go faster than they can. It’s very one-on-one.” Said Governor Bullock at the end of his speech: “Believe me, you gave me more today than I’ve been given all week.”

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