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Three cheers for the Children’s Trust

| November 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

The American group of teen activists called Our Children’s Trust continues to chalk up significant achievements on behalf of their generation across the globe.

Determined to make lawmakers in the US take concrete action against climate change, the trust has secured an unprecedented court order that mandates the Washington State Department of Ecology to significantly monitor and control greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this year.

Says a trust spokesperson: “The best available science shows that to protect Earth’s natural systems on which humankind depends, long-term average global surface heating must be limited to 1°C and atmospheric carbon dioxide must be returned to 350 parts per million.

“Yet the Washington State Department of Ecology’s proposed Clean Air Rule is designed to reduce the state of Washington’s emissions by only one per cent per year, falling far short of doing what is scientifically required for Washington to do its part to achieve climate stability.”

Adds lawyer Andrea Rodgers: “We cannot continue to base life and death policies on politics rather than science. This generation of policymakers is the only one that can ensure our children can grow to adulthood safely. They have the science and the power of the law behind them and we hope they will heed the call to protect the rights of young people.”

The Children’s Trust, an umbrella for a number of child- or teen-led organisations concerned about climate change across the US, is fighting many other aspects of the Clean Air Rule as well, that would, says spokesperson Julia Olson, “lock in unacceptable levels of pollution and catastrophic harm to the young people of Washington.”

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