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Time capsules and time warps

| April 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Forty-eight years ago, one of two time capsules containing a fascinating collection of old coins, toys, photographs and a beautiful handdrawn plan of the Griffin Building was encased in a bottle and hidden in a double wall at Grahamstown’s St Andrew’s Preparatory School.

As the school celebrated its 125th anniversary last year, the capsule was unearthed and opened by numerous eager ‘Preppies’ and Headmaster Graham Gooden. Names were read out from the school class list of 1962 of grandfathers and family members whose descendants now stood and listened and enjoyed this historical moment in time. The time capsule was carefully put back together and reinserted into the wall, and the wall patched up again as though never disturbed.

St Andrew’s Prep has celebrated its landmark year in many ways, one of which is the building of a new Arts and Technology Centre. Current Preppies have signed posters, and other memorabilia and artefacts from the present time will be encased in another time capsule and hidden in one of the Centre’s walls.


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