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Time for TED-Ed

More and more teachers are getting to know and appreciate global non-profit TED, a website with the tagline ‘Ideas worth spreading’.

In February 2012, TED launched TED-Ed – online talks on a variety of topics aimed specifically at schoolchildren. TED-Ed is the end result of research conducted by the TEDEd Brain Trust, a community of experts commissioned to help the non-profit understand how it can best serve education on a global level. Presented on a dedicated YouTube channel, TED-Ed launched with 12 animated videos, each between three and 10 minutes long, aimed at high school students and their teachers. Said Chris Anderson, TED curator, at the launch: “What if you could capture that one brilliant lesson, amplify it and put it in a place where students and teachers all over the world could use it?”

Starting in April 2012, TED-Ed – ‘Lessons worth sharing’ – will extend an open invitation to the world’s best animators and teachers to add to its new digital platform. “There will be no talking heads. Animation not only has an aesthetic value but also taps two styles of learning – auditory and visually,” explained Anderson. The original 12 TED-Ed videos include ‘How pandemics spread through history and around the world’, by authors Mark Honigsbaum and Patrick Blower, and ‘How many universes are there?’ by Anderson and Andrew Park. Teachers and students can access the videos

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