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Turkey’s education system fails students

| November 3, 2010

Turkey may be across the globe from us, but the country faces many similar education challenges to South Africa, such as large classes, lack of administrative cohesion and repeated alterations to policy.

As the new academic year kicked off in September, spokespeople for the Education Personnel Labour Union told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review that millions of Turkish teachers are suffering from change fatigue with regard to repeated education policy revision.

Additionally, says Dr Bilal Sambur, Director of Religion and Freedom Research at the Association for Liberal Thinking, “the questions of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What I should  become?’ are not asked. Instead, our education system limits us by telling us what we are.” The Education and Science Personnel Union weighed in on the debate, saying that the psychological problems of children should receive more attention. Guidance systems in Turkish schools have only been in operation for the last five years.

A lack of equipment and crowded classrooms are further problems facing the Turkish education system.

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