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Going green in Guatemala

Peace Corps volunteer Laura Kutner spearheaded a movement to improve school infrastructure in Granados, Guatemala, by recycling discarded, empty plastic bottles.

Kutner hit upon the idea while trying to figure out how to solve the litter problem in the town. Her determination encouraged hundreds of students, parents and volunteers to collect nearly 8 000 bottles. The community then stuffed each bottle with inorganic trash and encased them in chicken wire. Once covered in a few layers of cement, the bottles provided cost-efficient and eco-friendly insulation in one of the hottest climates on earth.

Hug It Forward, a non-profit organisation based in San Diego, USA, provided the remainder of the funds needed to cement the walls and finish the floors and windows of the refurbished school. Hug It Forward wants the Bottle Schools project to be available for use all around the world. After submitting a photo of all the collected bottles and inorganic trash needed for insulation, individuals will receive funds to purchase building materials and construction tools.

Hug It Forward also offers training, instructions and advice via Skype.

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