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“We exist because of the people around us.”

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Children are distinct in the community because of the values they have internalised over the years they have been here. Our second matric results were released on 5 January 2017, and our teachers and learners set a record of 100%. We continue to work hard to achieve greater results so that we can be a beacon of hope in our community.Real relationships St Augustine’s LEAP Ga-Rankuwa has a good relationship with the community.

Real relationships

St Augustine’s LEAP Ga-Rankuwa has a good relationship with the community. We exist because of the people around us. Our school is a no-fee school and we are funded by generous corporates and non-governmental organisations that understand the value of the work that we do. We are partnered with St Alban’s College and St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls, both in Pretoria. The relationships with these two schools allow interaction between learners and teachers, and we have all learnt a lot from each other. We also have relationships with high schools in our community.

The Department of Education recently twinned us with Modiri High School, a nearby public school, to work with them and share best practices to help them improve their maths and science results. This has enhanced our impact in the community and, more importantly, it has created an opportunity for growth for our teachers. We have built a strong relationship with the primary schools around us, and they act as our feeder schools for our Grade 8 recruitment.

The process of recruitment is made possiblbecause of the functional relationship with these schools. Our school is actively engaged in the community. We do social development work and have identified institutions from the community that we work with. These include a retirement home, Sunshine Hospice and Ompile Crèche. Our children learn to give back to their community. We visit these sites two times a term, when we undertake a variety of activities that may include gardening, painting, cleaning and washing. We also run soup kitchens in needy areas in our community. If our children appreciate helping others at an early age, they will grow with that mindset and be of help in the community and country at large.

We have established a working relationship with the Tshwane University of Technology, and we are hoping to create relationships with Sefako Makhato University and the University of Pretoria. These relationships help our learners to get exposure to university life. Our children go to Gauteng universities on open days to familiarise themselves with university life and the programmes that they intend to follow in their tertiary education phase.

Our relationship with our parents is enhanced by constant communication. We have one parents’ meeting per term, where we discuss operational issues of the school. These meetings also serve as a consultation platform, where teachers and parents discuss learners’ performance. We also invite our parents to join us in the celebration of Human Rights Day, Youth Day, Women’s Day and Heritage Day. This helps us understand and appreciate our country’s history, teaching our children where we come from.

A diverse extracurricular programme

We offer a diversified cultural activities and sports programme that defines our school culture. Our cultural activities include cultural dance, contemporary dance, choir, drama and gumboot dancing, while soccer (boys and girls), netball and volleyball make up our sports. We aim to still introduce a variety of sporting activities. We have a number of clubs, including poetry, debating, chess, the “green club”, the welcoming team and the organising team. Our Anglican Christian spiritual faith is led by Father Chris. This has helped our learners and staff to have a different view of their spiritual lives. Our school does not, however, impose religion on our children and teachers.


We want to reach out to even more schools around Ga-Rankuwa, so that we can share our practices with other teachers and learners. We may not be the best school, but we do things differently. We are gradually getting to the schools in our community and sharing best practices. We also have a challenge in sports because of a lack of grounds, and this stifles the talent that we see in our children. We have asked for space at a nearby primary school, and they have allowed us to use their grounds for sporting purposes.


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