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Why should you care about Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) points?

| March 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

Are you able to take up the challenge of earning CPTD points? If not… this is for you!

The professionalisation of teachers has been a discussion point for many years in many countries around the world. Various recommendations have been implemented and yet it remains an issue. According to the South African Council of Educators (SACE), teacher professionalisation can be defined as:
The process of improving the status and standing of teaching and includes four key professionalising processes of (i) initial teacher training (ITE), (ii) induction, (iii) registration of teachers, (iv) continuing professional development (CPD), and evaluation of teacher performance.

How do educators support this ongoing
debate in South Africa?

SACE recently introduced the CPTD point-system. This requires teachers to earn 150 Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) points over a three-year period. There might be some scepticism and distrust currently, but the successful development of every professional teacher will make the system work.

Continuing professional development however poses a challenge in our schooling context. Not only is it expensive to organise face-to-face workshops, but it also takes teachers out of the classroom which has its own challenges. The question then remains – when are you supposed to do continuous professional development and who should pay?.

Like with every other profession it is recommended that the professionals themselves takes the responsibility to maintain their professional status. This implies complying to points and the requirements for courses as well as maintaining a professional profile at all times.

The Ithuthuko platform
In response to the challenge of attaining CPTD points, Ithuthuko has developed a platform that creates opportunities for this by making it easy .Through the Ithuthuko platform, teachers can work through courses online, manage new material in their own time and own convenience and most importantly, earn points.

Ithuthuko has named its platform CPTD online.

All courses are SACE endorsed and subscribers to the platform can currently choose from our bank of courses that can enable you to earn 95 points! The selection continues to grow.
Educators have a range of topics from which to choose in the following areas:

– Leadership skills
– Information and communication technology (ICT) integration
– Psycho-social skills and
– Classroom management.

Simply subscribe and you will immediately join the wave of professional teachers that have recognised that on-line courses are efficient and effective ways of keeping ahead with your CPD. The platform also allows for the many administrative processes that go alongside of CPTD to be kept to the minimum.
Join us by sending an e-mail to: To view the courses, visit:

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