Woema: Graad 12 Werkboek: Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal

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Authors: Cecile Smith and Kara Smith
Published by: Pikkie Publikasies
Reviewed by: Fiona de Villiers

Studying Afrikaans as a first additional language can be challenging, which is why it’s exciting that enterprises like Pikkie Publishers produce eminently clear and useable books in this subject area.

These hard copies are published alongside a variety of online resources for extra support. The Grade 12 hard copy Woema workbook is broken down into modules; always a useful way to break material down into digestible chunks. Students will also quickly pick up the pattern in each module: vocabulary, comprehension exercises (I think it’s great that the authors give students detailed advice on how best to tackle reading a text or cartoon in another language and then answering questions about it), and a variety of grammar and syntax exercises, such as how to summarise a text and learning about word order, tenses, degrees of comparison and a host of others besides.

All text has been very clearly laid out and there is plenty of space provided specifically for students to write in their answers. This will make revision that much easier and should also direct the teacher to let the class work collaboratively on various sections. The workbooks are also full of helpful hints and interesting additional information about subjects students will have to tackle for comprehension purposes. Those subjects are imaginative and contemporary, allowing the successful student room for imaginative thinking.

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