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World Environment Day 2013

| September 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Project Earth® is a global environmental education website designed to connect schools, students and teachers around the world to help solve environmental problems. Created by Ecology and Environment, Inc., a global leader in environmental management, Project Earth’s affiliates include 2 607 schools from 132 countries. To celebrate the United Nations World Environment Day on 5 June 2013, Project Earth highlighted approximately 2 935 projects in which young people from around the world are involved.

At the Zangi Lyceum in Baku, Azerbajan, students are part of a national challenge called ‘A person a tree’, and have so far planted 2 000 trees in a ‘green oxygen belt’ in their area. Over a two-year period, students at St Christopher’s School in Saar and Isa Town, Bahrain, collected, folded, counted and packed over 6 700 recycled uniforms, which were sent to Tender Foot School in Kangemi and Light House Grace School in Dagoretti, Kenya.

At Ariana Afghan Turk High School in Kabul, Afghanistan, students turned their attention to the problem of chemical pesticides and their high environmental, health and economic costs. By researching methods used in traditional farming in their country, they devised a light trap, powered by kerosene and designed to be suspended at regular intervals above rice paddies. When full, the lanterns can be emptied, and the insects identified and studied to determine how best to eliminate the threat they pose to crops and livelihoods.

And at Escola Profissional de Felgueiras in Felgueiras, Portugal, students built their own thermic panel for interior climate adjustment. Their project was based on the fact that Portugal experiences excessively long and hot summers. The panels are designed so that batteries are solar-charged and enable the panels to cool residences down via fans that recycle the air. The students built the panel largely from recycled materials, including 225 cans.

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